july 17

Slept very poorly, might have been up around 3, listened to podcasts. Had to actually get up at 6, cleaned up and got coffee quickly, left w/ Bree at 8. Her appointment, the follow-up her kidney stone procedure, went smoothly - we were out of Mt. Sinai by 10. She’s back to normal on this front. She went home, I stayed around Union Square and read Green at Think ’til noon - finished it later on the train back. Stopped in the Strand, bought nothing. Came home, hot and exhausted, rested but Bree needed my help repacking the kitchen A/C we have to return. Annoying but necessary; UPS picked in up later. Napped about 3:30 to almost 6. Played through a couple of the songs I bought last night. Called Dad. Went to E77, worked on “I Ain’t Got Nobody” section from 7-9 over 1 beer. Rounded off, I think it might be the end of the chapter - which I had previously conceived as going all the way up to “I Got Rhythm.” Requires changing (and shortening, which is good) the introductory section. Thunderstorms. Had a bite, bought baking soda for Bree. Home by 10, finished Tuten - terrific book, somewhat comparable to Barthelme but even more deadpan, with a lot of found material. He quotes Engels’s “Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State”:

“The making of contracts, however, requires people who can freely dispose of their persons, actions, and possessions, and meet each other on the basis of equal rights. It was precisely the creations of these ‘free’ and equal people that was one of the principal society.” (47-8 - goes on from there, on bourgeois marriage)