jul 18

[Touched on the horns before bed last night. I should probably call “Faith and Credit” done for now, pending running it by the players. (Discussed this w/ Cheryl and Jay at lunch last week - changes/reduction on the session are usual.) Lights out midnight.]

Up 6:30. Went to Cafe Benne, finished typing up notes on Culler, and wrote a 300 word graf toward the chapter conclusion. Came back at 9:30 or so, saw that I had missed an email from my neighbor about rescheduling our philosophy chat. May or may not happen later today. [It didn’t. Too bad.] Reread the Snead article we were going to talk about anyway. A lot of misc. packing/typing up of loose-ends. Helped Bree change our bedding. Took a few notes on Edward Berlin’s little Reflections and Research on Ragtime booklet, paged through Roholt’s Groove and realized there was nothing I needed, checked Kevin Young’s The Grey Album on a couple things, then returned it to the branch library around the corner. After Bree went out, I tested out the repaired Princeton, partly to make sure one of my tuning pedals worked, and ended up practicing some of by b-b-q set for Sat., which I’d been putting off. Watched, at Bree’s recommendation, a short sub-B-movie, a pro-business, anti-muckraking MGM programmer called Hometown Story (Joseph M. Newman, 1951). Highlight is Alan Hale Jr. explaining to a chef exactly how he want his porkchops cooked. Also Marilyn Monroe in one of her early tiny roles, though she makes an impression. “I always treat men with respect. That way they treat me with respect.” Got back to the Bert Williams book - which, though not engagingly organized, gets better as it goes along; I’m getting the sense of his ideas about the marginalization of West Indian/Carribean concerns in the “bichromatic” regime of U.S. race relations. Interesting account of Marcus Garvey as a trickster/showman. Took a box of junk that Bree had collected out for trash day - happy we’re actually getting crap out of the apt. Worked another 90 min. at E77, left before music started. Not much of note after 9. 2 p. in poetry notebook. Listened to music on shuffle in bed; I think I can remove the OCR of Ragtime from my phone. Lights out 11.