jul 1

Up 8. Put on new sheets w/ Bree. Went for coffee, read to p. 60 in Lee, wrote poem/page. Dad called. Came back around 10:30. Worked on tonight’s set for about 90 min. - could have run other songs, but I hit the roughest spots, and feel ok, musically. (On edge all day, though.) Bree got a call from the hospital - we have to be there at 5:30 am tomorrow. Reserved a car for 4:30 am - should be early, given pre-rush hour traffic. Got the keyboard etc. ready to take out. Tried to relax a bit, watched about 40 min. of Stephen Soderberg’s Che biopic, then napped. Got a car downtown, read Malech en route loaded in at 5. Soundcheck 5:30. Loud onstage. Had an hr. plus before the show, got slices at Two Boots, browsed in Mast, which has moved to the corner and is even pricier/artier/rare-booksier than previous, though w/ a few au courant new books. Coolidge’s Polaroid and Own Face for about $40, a full set of Art & Literature, Locus Solus 1 - like that. Skimmed a few pages on Othon from Richard Roud’s book on Straub-(Huillet, though her name’s not on the cover). Picked up Corina Copp’s Ackerman translation; mean to read this and Barthes’ Mourning Diary soon. Went back for show. OK attendance, not great - 50 Dollar Bill’s big show at Roulette was a competing draw. Lianne Smith solo electric - I don’t think I’ve seen a full set from her or heard her originals, quite compelling. Don Piper Situation more meat and potatoes, good band dynamic, liked a straight rocker with a 10-beat riff. Schramm on stage at 9:45. Kevin and Dave definitely brought the guitar duel firepower. No major fuck-ups on my part, though I could have (as so often heard myself better) and there are touches in the more “epic” songs I’d like to revisit. Really enjoy barreling through “Number Nineteen” and “Simple Arithmetic” (great iv6 chord in the chorus) on Hammond-manque. Everyone seemed satisfied. Didn’t hang out long, given tomorrow’s schedule. Got a car w/o much trouble, home by midnight, bed by 12:30.