jun 30

Up 8. Spend an hr+ typing up what I wrote yesterday. Helped Bree w/ laundry and a couple other things. Had intended to get a car to go into Manhattan, to avoid some walking for Bree’s sake, but was reminded by one of the Schramms that today was Pride, a particularly huge NYC-hosted global edition, w/ attendant crowds and street closures; so we took the bus/train, got a cab from 23rd st. Started reading Dora Malech, Stet on the train - curious book of anagram poems. Didn’t care for the prose proglomena poem, but began to be won over by p. 16 or so. “Must we fail in one form to find another.” Met Kio Stark to see Say Something Bunny - a one woman performance piece based on documentary research into the family that made two wire recordings in 1952-4; put me in mind of my “Milchadich”/My Fairfax Lady article - and my own family. Tried to help Bree get a car home, finally had to leave her to her own devices. (We failed to get her Uber acct set up.) Had to walk about a mile out of my way to get around the parade on the way to Euphoria - on foot for at least an hr. Finally made it to rehearsal at 6:20, went ’til 9. Feels pretty solid, a lot of progress on, e.g., “Faith Is a Dusty Word,” will work on some details at home tomorrow (particularly the songs w/ some space for impressionistic piano, “Spent,” “Honestly Now,” and “New England.”) Had bought tix for The Bad Plus’s 9:30 set at Jazz Standard (since I have a feeling I won’t be going out for a week after Monday), theoretically very close, but more rerouting. Got seated during the first tune. Dug the dynamics, new pianist Orrin Evans, and a few of the tunes (esp. the last, of which they didn’t announce the title), not a lot to say - just pleasant to listen to music. Had a burger and 2 beers. Got up to date, finally, on the post-solstice poem/page-a-day notebook during the set. Started reading Vernon Lee, The Psychology of an Art Writer — translation of an essay and “gallery notes” by an apparently prolific 19th-c. aesthete, travel-writer, &c., real name Violet Paget, now so obscure she might as well be made up. Also wrote ghost stories. Phenomenology w/ touches of Gestalt psychology, all very refined, dated, but readable. Home 11:30, lights out 12:30. Listened to a little Hank Jones, but fell asleep by the 2nd cut.