jun 29

Was up for a while around 2-3 am, listened to a 5049 podcast w/ David Grubbs. Got back up at 8:30. Read a chunk of Kelley, to about p. 400, continued over coffee. Got out around 1, w/ intent to go to Spacious, but changed my mind and went to Communitea in LIC, partly b/c I wanted lunch; but it turns out they now have no-laptop weekends. (And I would have gone elsewhere had I only wanted lunch.) So I used the time to finish Kelley. He is emphatic on pushing back against the mad genius/naive child myths about Monk; whether or his manic depression had any creative advantages, it was mainly a cause of inconvenience and suffering to him and his family. But I suspect Kelley says less than he might want to about racist interpretations of his music, and jazz in general; he lets a number of critics say their piece, but doesn’t comment at length. Drafted a couple grafs of next section in notebook, caught partway up on post-solstice poetry. Came back at 5, rested for an hr, helped Bree w/ organization until 7:30. Made myself some pasta and broccoli rabe, w/ anchovies and sausage. Worked on Schramms piano parts for an hr. or more, got through a little more than 1/2 the set, should do more tomorrow. Read the last few poems in Martí. I like a poem called “Prison Recollections,” which is not as clear as you’d expect something called that to be. Lights out midnight.