jul 26

Up closer to 7 - internal clock resetting. Read 15 p. on Williams to get a jump. After breakfast, started Boyer - it reads quickly. Bedroom had gotten chaotic, tidied 1/2 hr., with Josh Whedon’s mumblecore adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing on in the background. Did a bit more of Dad’s office work - email and looking things up. Started a potentially distracting twitter exchange about music w/ 2 poets, wisely didn’t pursue it beyond 1 response. Left 12:30, had been shooting for 12. Put on the first disc of the 1967 volume of the complete Motown singles - man doesn’t live by Schubert alone. Went to Rev Up coffee 1-5 instead of the office, finished/polished a draft of the intro section, about 1500 words, sent to Holbo. Got a snack at Wolfe’s, headed home. The Miracles’ “The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage Came On.” Great song. Read rest of 50 p. quota of Wms. book, and to p. 75 of Boyer. Remembered that I’d said I’d make zucchini for dinner, did so. Jeopardy! Went out at 8:20 to buy a fan for my room at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, stopped in a nearby Starbuck’s for a bit (in the evening, a quiet location I don’t frequent - worth remembering), finished reading Katz. There are individual poems I like quite a bit, inc. an odd 2-column piece called “Hadrian” quite different from the rest of the book - the historical notes give the observational/lyric-ish material something to react against. That’s worth remembering. Home before 10.

I had a much better batting average of doing what I told myself what I’d do today than most.