jul 25

Up, kind of, at 5:30. Read a bit more Katz, though the prose title sequence “Swimming Home.” After breakfast, spent 8-9 on office work for my dad, read a few pages of that Bert Williams book, which I’d like to finish off soon. Discussed some outstanding issues/next steps w/ my dad, made a related phone call. Some progress. Watched the rest of Laura. Went out for errands before noon. Stopped at Upland Library book sale (I think I’ve been to all of them except Ontario this week), main find was a copy of John Strom Robert’s The Latin Tinge, another book I should have read long ago. Coffee at Rad in downtown Upland. Office from 2-5, got a couple more grafs in. Borrowed an advance copy of Anne Boyer’s The Undying. Home, dinner, Jeopardy! Nothing dramatic after that - hot and tired. Made a list of tomorrow’s to-dos. Lights out 11.