jul 24

Up 6:30 am. Figured out a key piece of financial info for my dad. Met Kyle for breakfast at Brandon’s in Rancho Cucamonga, caught up. Went by the Rancho Cucamonga library book sale, bought a book about Oskar Fischinger, that Stuart Hall-edited Representation textbook (I might already have a copy somewhere), and a medical CD of lung sounds - $1 each. Home around 11, finished the A&L book in the family room while my dad watched an Olivia De Havilland movie w/ the sound off. Got an email from the Pomona English dept. secretary that she was closing the office at 2, so drove over to get my keys to JL’s office. Dithered a bit, worked from 3-5 polishing the first few grafs of chapter intro. Dinner, Jeopardy!, read a good chunk of the Vincent Katz book I’d started before leaving, watched about 1/2 of Laura before getting sleepy. Lights out 11.

Have also been trying to play/learn a piano piece, La carcajada (translated variously as “The Peal of Laughter” or “Hearty Laughter” by Ignacio Cervantes, from his Danzas Cubanas. It’s probably no more than intermediate for a real pianist, and the proto-tango rhythm isn’t unlike things I play in pop contexts (e.g. “Sad & Afraid”) but it will be challenging for me to get both hands.