jul 23

Up in time for therapy via Skype - 6 am, b/c of the time difference. Tried to go back to sleep a bit, up at 8, got to KSPC by 10, did my first show. Playlist: https://spinitron.com/KSPC/pl/9157087/The-Manila-Folder

Stopped into Claremont Library book sale room, picked up some cheap classical CDs, inc. some Rorem and Britten, and a book of poems by someone I dislike personally, and one called Packs Small Plays Big, an insider term among magicians. Treated myself to lunch at the Meat Cellar. Went to Rhino - 2 Carla Bley LPs (they also have an Escalator Over the Hill), a v. early gospel box (Arizona Dranes, Washington Phillips), and a CD of Han Bennink and a pianist I don’t know (though they do one Misha M. tune). Home around 3, exhausted, called Bree and then napped through a terrible airplane disaster movie w/ Dana Andrews, Rhonda Fleming, Anne Francis, Keenan Wynn, and Patsy Kelly. (Oh, ok: The Crowded Sky, Joseph Penvey 1960). Managed about 20 p. of the Art & Language book, and an interview w/ Green Gartside, in which A&L also come up, from a post-punk anthology. Dinner, Jeopardy! w/ dad, went out to Starbuck’s a little after 8. Worked on chapter intro until 10:30. Came home, listened to jazz interview podcasts until I fell asleep. 

Listening to a CD of Die Schoene Mullerin in the car, forgetting the singer right now. Its been 100+ degrees here, little end in sight.