jul 22

Up in the middle of the night - watched this and that on YouTube. Up for good, more or less, at 7. Got an overview of practical stuff I need to help my dad w/ after breakfast, some printing and email connected w/ that. Indolent for most of late morning, afternoon - watched a B musical, Breakfast in Hollywood on Bree’s recommendation, napped to Alfred Brendel paying Schubert. Couldn’t get it up to read about Art & Language. Finally went out to a local Starbuck’s 4-6, pulled together a Frankenstein of current chapter from various existing documents. Dinner at home, left for Highland Park at about 8, for the Mekons show at the Lodge Room. Opening band, Skokie Girl were well-intentioned, w/ a combination of live and programmed rhythms and post-punk/disco elements I’m in favor of in principle, but their songwriting and vocal chops were limited. Mekons put on a great two-encore show, with a few key tracks from the new album (“Lawrence of Arabia,” “How Many Stars?”, the one about Rimbaud in Abyssinia) but ranging over the entire catalog, from “Last Dance” to “Millionaire” to “Orpheus.” Hung out w/ RJ Smith and Mike McGonigal a bit, saw Tara Jane O’Neil and John Herndon, and Daniel Brodo, briefly. Said hello to Jon, Sally, and David Trumfio on the way out - floated the idea of rec’ding a vocal at his studio while I’m here. Listened to Elis Regina and some very late Ellington, from a ‘60s pop tune session (“Alfie,” “Soon Its Gonna Rain,” and the like) done for a Reader’s Digest LP on the drive there and back. Home at 1 am, said hello to dad’s overnight caregiver, Nicole, before going to bed.