jun 7

Woke up around 5, listened to a couple of podcasts. Should have tried harder to get back to sleep. Finished the Schimmel AEC book - solid history and responsible musical analysis of selected records (inc. 2 live ones I don’t have access to), and v. Interesting on the group’s professionalism and business acumen (esp. Lester Bowie’s), qualities not usually associated w/ experimental jazz, and on the Bowie/Marsalis beef, but also hagiographic and intellectually credulous in places. Listened to Hank Jones and a couple of Verlaines tracks. Went to coffee at 9. Read Rappaport - basically a hit piece on Derrida’s opponents, a counterpart to Against Deconstruction, David Lehman, etc. So hot it was hard to do much in the house and not attractive to leave the neighborhood. Wasted early afternoon. Eventually got cracking again after 3, went back to cafe and worked on intro until 7. Made some sensible edits. Came home and read more of the Canadian anthology - M. Nourbese Philip, Karen Macormack (who has a hard-ass Marjorie Welish quality that makes for an entertaining trainwreck of an interview, but who’s poetry has more levity than I’d remembered), and the interview half of Rachel Zolf. Bree went to bet early, worked on horns from 9-10 or so.