jul 29

Up 7. Finished the Williams and Young books. Went to Rancho Cucamonga on an errand around 9:30, listened to Motown disc 3 (horns on an Isley Bros. song are a good reference point for “Faith and Credit”), stopped at Ontario Public Library to revise for an hr., bought a few $1 classical CDs, 2 SF paperbacks, and a Bennett Cerf collection for Bree. Home at 1, turned around to take my dad to an uneventful eye appointment. Home at 3, called Bree, watched a two-part L&O, played a little piano. Finished Boyer. Not sure what to say, it’s ambitious in a couple of senses, and virtually criticism-proof. Read the first few pages of Jay Gorney’s biography, by his widow. Made a tax appt. for my dad for next week - I probably have to drop off some documents Thursday. Dinner, out to Starbuck’s at 8, revised for another couple of hrs. Home before 11, had decided yesterday to give up on the daily poetry notebook but changed my mind and wrote 2 entries. Caught up on episodes of Unaffected.