jul 30

Up at 7. Missed an appointment, rescheduled. Read 20 p. of Gorney - it’s informative enough for my purposes, but barely a piece of writing. Out at 9, dealt w/ some open tabs over coffee, got to KSPC by 10. Had a good show, w/ Ethan Stoller as guest for 2nd hr. https://spinitron.com/KSPC/pl/9192749/The-Manila-Folder. Had lunch w/ Ethan in Claremont, stopped by Rhino, bought the new Lloyd Cole and two used Penguin Cafe Orch. CDs. Went to Last Name Brewery to have 1 stout; slow in the afternoon, and they have wi-fi. Meredith from the old Nick’s crowd works in the front office there, said hi. Wrote to David Nagler, Steve & Cheryl (the horn players), and Mitch Easter - had been putting those off. Stopped at a meh thrift store nearby, found a cd of McKuen sings Brel. Home near 5, dinner at 7 - seemed interminable. Watched the first 1/2 hr of The Great Ziegfeld in between, and read up to halfway mark of Gorney. Jeopardy! w/ Dad after dinner, went in his office and did a little more paperwork, and finally did do some revision on the TPA chapter just so I could make a red mark on my work calendar. I haven’t managed to cut down these sections by more than a few 100 words. Lights out 12:30.