Up 8:30. Scanned book contract for grant application.
Out before 10. Posted tax return. Couldn’t do the last bit of grant submission b/c E77 wifi wouldn’t let me on.
Daybook poems. (They’re crap, by the way.) Read the rest of the Raincoats book (good, stirring, cool that she talked to some contemporaries like Green Gartside and Mayo Thompson, in add. to women musicians the rec. influenced, esp. Tobi Vail. There are some detectable tensions/contradictions that aren’t really explored). Oh, there was a related essay on punk-era feminist detournment in a Routledge collection at the library yesterday. I liked a phrase from a Slits review - “gothic nursery rhymes.”
Came home before noon, finally hit ‘send’ on the grant app.
Listened to Till Eugenspiel’s Merry Pranks (Strauss), w/ Bree when it came on the radio.
Listened to The Raincoats s/t. Profound record. “The Void.”
Correspondence, a couple of small tasks for Bree.
Went out again, 4-6 to have a bite, get my head together and write a bit. I can see the shape of the piece….
Keys went through a hole in my overcoat pocket into the lining; had to tear it more to reach them. I hope I can stop wearing it soon, but not much sing of Spring.
Bree on phone w/ my dad when I got back.
Called Kristin Thompson mainly to get some factual background on her positions at FMC and since.
Played piano while Bree was out - a little Bach and a little improv, no real focus. Took out trash.
Put on a LP of Schubert songs, “Alinde” and others - German pressing, so no translations of the lyrics. Pianist seemed a little heavy.
Read to p. 50 of Stuart Isacoff, Temperament (had started it earlier in the day), and started John Ash, The Anatolikon - the title poem is lovely. “And still I kept looking for something that was not there amid so much that was.” Or “Flute Music”: “The city had been removed like a slide from a projector.”
Lights out midnight. Had a jazz interview podcast on.