Up at 5, dithered online, read another 1/4 of Ash, went back to bed for a while 9-10. Daybook poem.
Breakfast/coffee, read 25 p. of Isacoff.
Picked out 3 Cecil Taylor records to bring to Scrabble, but forgot to take them with me.
Listened to an interview w/ Emily Apter on her book Unexceptional Politics on train. A little general, interviewer’s fault I suspect. I like her Against World Literature.
At NYPL (Schwarzman) around noon. Worked until 7, w/ lunch break, though too much of it was looking for a quote from a Liz Phair interview.
Went to Jean and David’s for Scrabble - Ben and Steve S. also in attendance. Played poorly (I was challenged successfully on “Tyrolean,” b/c the official dictionary doesn’t recognize an uncapitalized form), listened to Cecil Taylor LPs. Picked up the books I’d left there 2 months ago.
Didn’t realize I was on the D train “home” until I was far uptown, had to turn around. Read to p. 125 of Temperament, listened to the Studio One comp. and some Ali Farka Toure.
Home 11:30, didn’t stay up long.