Up 4:30. Stayed in bed reading/browsing, fell back asleep, up for real around 7.
Usual morning routine (keeping an eye on mom while the caregiver helped my dad clean up after breakfast).
One toilet, replaced not long ago, behaving strangely - bubbling when the tap was on. Dad called the plumber, but it stopped before I showered - someone will still check it out, but it may have resolved. Anyway another crisis.
Talked to my dad about some present concerns, made first step toward getting his takes done - calling his accountant to have them send a workbook/organizer so we don’t have to guess what info is needed.
Visit from mom’s hospice head case worker (who comes less often than the nurse who came yesterday). Stuck around for that. Discussed pain medication and some emergency protocols, if/when the time comes.
Left around 11, stopped by Rad Coffee in downtown Upland, read the rest of Huysmans and started looking at the editor/translator’s notes, which are straightforward, edifying and in some ways more engaging than the book. Looked briefly in an antique store that seems to have opened since I was here last - overpriced vinyl, very square pre-rock CDs.
Put on Cedar Walton, Composer. Drove to the prison-project used bookstore in Claremont, picked up a sort of ‘60s “folksinger’s choice” book assembled by Milt Okun and one of the Churchlands’ brain/philosophy tomes.
Lunch at Wolfe’s (saving Meat Cellar for another time). 
Worked on Middleton about 1:15-3:45 at Honnold; at 1191 words.
Saw a flyer for some classical recitals at the theology school across Foothill - tried to go to something scheduled 4:15, found it had been cancelled. Annoying, as I’d have stayed at the library for another hr. otherwise. Went to Upland Starbucks instead, read the middle section of Jordan’s book, wrote a daybook poem, and dealt w/ some email.
Home before 6; brought it emptied trash. Dinner, Jeopardy. TCM is showing all the Maisie movies - saw a scene from Congo Maisie where Ann Sothern sings the bridge of “St. Louis Blues” to African tribesmen. Tried to watch Maisie Was a Lady, got drowsy a 1/2 hr. in. Retired around 10, put on this odd record of an Italian singer + trio doing lyricize Ornette tunes.