Up 4:30.

Went out to Rad Coffee at about 6. Started reading Jacqueilne Warwick, Girl Groups, Girl Culture. More email, contacted the guy from a new Shrimper band about playing on one of their East Coast shows.
Came home by 8, per dad’s request, so I could keep an eye on Mom while the caregiver helps him shower.
Helped dad w/ taxes for an hr. or so.
Therapy by Skype.
Napped until almost 2; dad had gone to a dr’s appt. w/ Anthony when I woke up.
Tried to leave by 2:30; they came back just as I was pulling out, so we talked about some family issues.
Stopped by the Upland Library book sale - picked up Sheila Weller’s Girls Like Us, on Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Carly Simon.
Called Bree back.
Went to the Spot on Mountain, had one beer, tried to get my to-do list together. Sent a couple emails re trying to get Dan Clucas a NYC show in June.
Home at 6:30. Read the rest of Jordan’s book; it’s very heart-on-its-sleeve in its way, and sophisticatedly demotic. Will re-read.
Dinner. Went to Sprouts for a few things so I wouldn’t have to tomorrow. Jeopardy when I came back, but Dad fell asleep. Another chunk of the Maisie movie.
Bed around 10. Read 1st two stories in Charles Johnson, Dr. King’s Refrigerator - one w/ an SF hook, one an updated fable. Maybe “deceptively simple” to a fault?
Have been listening to Eliane Radigue to get to sleep.