jun 25

Up 7 - raining, couldn’t face going to the UWS, had therapy via videoconference at 9. Worked on States charts before and after, finished 4 and notes on the simpler songs, sent them around to band by 11. Finished watching the Straub-Huillet Othon flick (it leaves Mubi tomorrow). I think the point, or their point in staging it, is that the channels of governmental power have passingly little to do with an interest in the public good. Line worth remembering (in translated subtitle): “Some people, you give yourself to; some, you sell yourself to.” Spent a couple hours on desktop discipline - dealing w/ tabs I’d kept open for some reason (e.g. JSTOR links I can’t dl ’til I’m in a library), saving/naming documents, printing a few things. Ordered a Suburban Lawns reissue CD and the new Braxton box, bought a ticket to Gordon Dalquist’s play. Marble step in the lobby got repaired in the course of the day (Bree’s responsibility); she was also on the phone for a while w/ health insurance agents. Sunny in the afternoon - went out for a bit at Jahn’s, the ancient diner a block down, quiet as the grave - saw an elderly neighbor. Read 20 p. of Shepard & Wick, cracked City of the Future by Sesshu Foster, wrote 2 p. of bad notebook poetry (had planned to start again on the solstice, will catch up). Came home, spent a while clearing my physical desk and inbox, made sure I had folders of charts for the next 2 gigs accessible, made a short to-do list, filed CDs etc. Read another 30 p. Kelley, and a little Martí. Lights out 11:30.