jun 27

Up 7, but didn’t try to do much for a while. Listened to most of the 2nd disc of Robert Wyatt, Different Every Time. Various collaborations, from the well-intentioned “Venceremos” with Working Week (and Tracey Thorn) to duets with Monica Vasconcelos and Cristina Dona (both voices I’d like to hear more). Envy his freedom. Read 50 p. Kelley. Tried to read Marti, but couldn’t concentrate on the longer free verse poems. Ordered in - hot Nepalese soup and momos. Refreshed my memory on most of the Schramms set for rehearsal, practiced “Good Youth” but not much else. Left at 4, finally finished Shepard and Wick on the train. Marked passages and references of interest, but overall too abstractly high-post-structuralist to apply readily. Interestingly, I wouldn’t say they’re “materialists.” Had printed out current book section so I didn’t have to schlep laptop, wrote/edited by hand for about 90 min. at a coffee place near Euphoria. Rehearsed 6-8 with Dave Schramm and band, inc. Kevin Salem. Still have a ways to go on some of these songs - I can make the changes, sure, but I don’t have the forms and dynamics locked in, and there are touches in the recorded arrangements I’d like to get closer to. Home at 9:30, got a slice on the way, read 25 p. of the Will Marion Cook bio. Exhausted by 10:30. Listened to a recording of Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque that I particularly like (Takahir Yoshikawa), went to sleep.